What is Quality Assurance vs Quality Control? 5 key differences

QA makes corrections and improvements to prevent those defects from occurring. QC also implements corrective measures and quality management systems when those standards aren’t met. Besides the discussion above, there are other factors that differentiate the two.

what is quality assurance vs quality control

Due to a shared goal of improving software quality, it can be challenging to differentiate between quality assurance and quality control. Just as quality assuranceis a subset of quality management, quality controlis a subset of quality assurance. In sum, quality assuranceensures that various methods, techniques, and approaches are designed well enough to guarantee high quality.

What is Quality Control (QC)?

Employees work toward continuously improving manufacturing and quality procedures. Detecting the weak position and the cause of the trouble in the weak position by checking the product design. Quality Assurance requires the involvement of all team members, whereas Quality Control needs only a testing team.

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If you are involved in a business that focuses on producing or selling, and buying goods and services, you should consider implementing quality control as a form of quality management. The terms quality control and quality assurance are often used interchangeably and this can be confusing. QA teams equip your workers with the knowledge they need to perform their duties. QC teams provide feedback to workers on ways to improve productivity.

Final Thoughts

Quality has been defined as fitness for use, conformance to requirements, and the pursuit of excellence. Even though the concept of quality has existed from early times, the study and definition of quality have been given prominence only in the last century. Determining areas where quality or the user experience could be improved.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are vital components in the oil and gas construction industry. Likewise, the aerospace and automotive markets come to mind due to the need for highly accurate and precise parts. In industries that aren’t highly regulated, the customer or end-user is the judge. Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing solution with more than 50 tools in SEO, social media, and content marketing.


Your new processes should be aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. It should achieve the company’s quality goals more efficiently and effectively. It determines whether they are working within defined limits or not. Check that the quality policies of organizations meet quality standards. Quality assurance tools are used to help monitor and manage your quality initiatives. These tools may be used individually or together as part of a comprehensive quality assurance plan.

what is quality assurance vs quality control

Just as QA is part of larger QMS, QC is sometimes seen as a subset of QA. The function of QA must be independent of manufacturing and operations so that the focus is rigorously on quality assurance and the elimination of process variation. This focus is achieved through explicitly defined procedures , followed precisely by manufacturing and operations. However, QA embraces the actions of every member of a life sciences organization.

Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control: ​A Detailed Guide To Implement Them

The software tester’s job is to detect and try to prevent any defects made during the development process. As the project progresses, QA should check where the project may be developing risk and ensure that the right people are involved at the right time. The people reviewing the software products give their feedback which is recorded and passed to the concerned person for incorporating the changes. It is systematic approach carried under controlled conditions to determine the relationship between factors affecting a process and the output of the process. It is used to manage process in order to analyse which input has the significant impact and what steps can be taken to optimize the output.


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